Commissioned poems typed fresh on demand with manual typewriters for your enjoyment.

 This is a writing practice of Matthew Alan Roth, in the spirit & style of Poems While You Wait among many others typing poetry on demand.  Just request a poem on any topic or inspiration of your choosing.  It can be personal or impersonal, broad or tediously specific.  Tell an inspiring story or give Matt a single word, either way he'll write an original poem on the spot for you to walk away with a physical, hand-typed copy of.  You can find Matt typing, & commission a poem for $5 at various events in the Triangle area in North Carolina.

Commissioned funds cover costs of paper, ink ribbons, typewriter repair, and other materials (like tacos, or coffee.)

Check the calendar to see when & where Matt will be typing next or contact him directly to have him type at your event.  At the very least, visit your local independent bookseller and ask for a poetry recommendation.

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