Alpaca Ode

Regular visitors here will know that my wife is an artist and illustrator.  Our desks are right beside each other, so I enjoy being able to watch her works-in-progress take shape over time.  Still the other day, she posted an image that took me by surprise and delighted me beyond words.

I love this vampiric alpaca so much.  It has me in its thrall.  My blood is its blood.  If this alpaca told me to steal blossoms from Emily Dickinson's garden for its flower crown I would be on the next plane to Amherst.  

You can find out more about how it came about here, but essentially Tyler is participating in this month's Creative Unblock assignment from the Jealous Curator, who has a whole book full of assignments to get you off your butt and making art.  I haven't read the book (yet), but since Poems Typed Fresh is all about me getting off my butt and making art, I thought I'd share Tyler's picture along with the following poem for my new camelid muse.