Simply the world's best Stationery.

You guys like mail?  Of course you do!  You're earnest, discerning individuals who appreciate the simple pleasure of a thoughtful greeting captured on paper.  Plus, the only thing better than getting something in the mail is sharing that feeling with your loved ones and making them feel guilty for not sending more mail themselves.  


With that in mind, I'd like to shamelessly promote my wife's brand new stationery line, Tylre, which you can now buy on Etsy as well as at several fine independent retailers!  She's got colorful, fun, hand-painted designs for every occasion, and every card clearly conveys that you, the sender, are 100% more generous and thoughtful than anyone else in the recipient's life.

Check them out if you're into kicking butt in the friendship department!


One of the most rewarding things about writing poems on demand is having unexpectedly personal interactions with complete strangers.   Stacey happened to walk past my table at an event in September with her baby girl in a stroller.  She asked for a poem for her daughter.  I asked for a few of her daughter's interests, which turned out to include eating, sleeping, and putting things into her mouth.  Stacey then mentioned that she had been caring for the baby for several months, but had only that day officially received final approval for adoption of her daughter.

The weight of the whole situation, the strange complexity of the process this family had just gone through, and the emotional significance of the closure that they had been granted really struck me.  Of the occasional poems I've been asked to write, it's among those of which I'm most proud.

Making Your Own Days

"Making Your Own Days" is the title of a great book about reading and writing poetry by the teacher and poet Kenneth Koch.  Koch borrowed the title from a poem by his friend Frank O'Hara, and I borrowed it again for this poem, which was a gift for a mother of three who has started a successful business designing, printing, and selling her own day-planners.  (Get it?)  The gift was from her youngest daughter, who mentioned Scrabble as a favorite family activity.  Also "jot" is an excellent Scrabble word.  If you want to dominate 95% of the population in Scrabble go memorize all the 2 and 3 letter words, but be warned that it won't make you any friends.

(Ok, I stole the title from Koch & O'Hara, but they were both done with it and at least I was stealing from the best.)

Mothership Hotdog


Yvonne's son, Owen had just graduated college and was making plans for the next phase of his life.  For a while he was seriously considering a turn driving the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile.  This is true.  His mother told me.  Instead, a friend gave him a one-way ticket to Alaska where Owen has spent the last year, presumably climbing glaciers, drinking cowboy coffee from an enameled camp mug, and writing the great american novel by lamplight.  I am jealous of Owen's sense of adventure.