Making Your Own Days

"Making Your Own Days" is the title of a great book about reading and writing poetry by the teacher and poet Kenneth Koch.  Koch borrowed the title from a poem by his friend Frank O'Hara, and I borrowed it again for this poem, which was a gift for a mother of three who has started a successful business designing, printing, and selling her own day-planners.  (Get it?)  The gift was from her youngest daughter, who mentioned Scrabble as a favorite family activity.  Also "jot" is an excellent Scrabble word.  If you want to dominate 95% of the population in Scrabble go memorize all the 2 and 3 letter words, but be warned that it won't make you any friends.

(Ok, I stole the title from Koch & O'Hara, but they were both done with it and at least I was stealing from the best.)