The Distance

Matt & Colleen asked me to write a poem as a wedding gift for their friends Mark & Robert.  One of them is a doctor, and the two of them enjoy jet-setting to Turkey where one of them speaks the language.  I think wedding poems are the hardest to write, there's a lot less room for weird shit and you have to end on an up-note, but I'm happy with this one.  Here's wishing Mark & Robert many happy returns!

Mothership Hotdog


Yvonne's son, Owen had just graduated college and was making plans for the next phase of his life.  For a while he was seriously considering a turn driving the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile.  This is true.  His mother told me.  Instead, a friend gave him a one-way ticket to Alaska where Owen has spent the last year, presumably climbing glaciers, drinking cowboy coffee from an enameled camp mug, and writing the great american novel by lamplight.  I am jealous of Owen's sense of adventure.