Simply the world's best Stationery.

You guys like mail?  Of course you do!  You're earnest, discerning individuals who appreciate the simple pleasure of a thoughtful greeting captured on paper.  Plus, the only thing better than getting something in the mail is sharing that feeling with your loved ones and making them feel guilty for not sending more mail themselves.  


With that in mind, I'd like to shamelessly promote my wife's brand new stationery line, Tylre, which you can now buy on Etsy as well as at several fine independent retailers!  She's got colorful, fun, hand-painted designs for every occasion, and every card clearly conveys that you, the sender, are 100% more generous and thoughtful than anyone else in the recipient's life.

Check them out if you're into kicking butt in the friendship department!

Alpaca Ode

Regular visitors here will know that my wife is an artist and illustrator.  Our desks are right beside each other, so I enjoy being able to watch her works-in-progress take shape over time.  Still the other day, she posted an image that took me by surprise and delighted me beyond words.

I love this vampiric alpaca so much.  It has me in its thrall.  My blood is its blood.  If this alpaca told me to steal blossoms from Emily Dickinson's garden for its flower crown I would be on the next plane to Amherst.  

You can find out more about how it came about here, but essentially Tyler is participating in this month's Creative Unblock assignment from the Jealous Curator, who has a whole book full of assignments to get you off your butt and making art.  I haven't read the book (yet), but since Poems Typed Fresh is all about me getting off my butt and making art, I thought I'd share Tyler's picture along with the following poem for my new camelid muse.

Marry Well

My wife, Tyler, blows me away sometimes.  Not only is she graciously supportive of a husband prone to disappearing to write poems for strangers, but she is also a an incredibly talented artist as well.  Recently, she painted wedding invitations our friends Remi and Nu.  Since many of Remi's family members hail from France, while many of Nu's relatives are from Vietnam, Tyler painted them a three-panel, multilingual invitation that everyone could enjoy.

Not only did Tyler put together a beautiful invitation that reflected Remi and Nu's interests and personalities, but she also hand painted a unique place card for every guest who came to the wedding.  The place cards represented fond memories and stories from the many places that Remi and Nu have explored together.  The France table had cards with champagne and pastries.  The San Francisco table had the Golden Gate bridge.  The Chicago table had live jazz, and something called the "Hot Dog King."  

All in all my creative, wonderful, crazy wife painted almost seventy miniature masterpieces.  You can check them all out at her website,, which also features a number of her other projects and miscellaneous creations.

Watching Tyler make art is one of my favorite things in the world.  Her work inspires me to push myself and try new things.  She understands the ups and downs of being creative.  She encourages me when I'm frustrated and is my biggest supporter when things are going well.  Basically, I married well and though I'd get a little braggy about it.  I also think you'll love her art, so check it out!